A Fresh Start


A Fresh Start

IMG_5729I always loved the beginning of the school year. New school supplies and a snappy new outfit, I was ready to see my friends again, but more than that, I just loved the idea of new beginnings. Yes, this feeling more than likely wore off by the second or third week of school and I felt myself mourning the end of summer a bit, however, that first-week-back excitement is what I remember fondly.

I’ve noticed that the majority of my students didn’t seem to share in this feeling. However, the excitement of back to school shopping is something that everyone seemed to agree on. What is it about buying notebooks and new pencils that is so satisfying?! As my students go back to school this week, I am wishing them all the best and hoping that this year is even better than the last, full of new challenges, new friendships, and maybe some life lessons along the way.

I find myself at the precipice of an exciting new journey as well this fall. I have made the difficult decision to make some big changes to my studio. I will continue to teach private lessons because that it what I love to do! But I am also looking to make a few changes. I am looking for a new, larger space, and I also hope to implement new classes and curricula for other groups (like adults, homeschool students, and little ones!) It has been a long time coming, but I look forward to what is next. There is so much to learn! When I became a studio teacher, I never realized that I would have to learn to be a business woman as well. I feel that my added professionalism and new programming will allow us to grow as a studio and will allow me to provide more opportunities and dedication to my students and their families as well as the community, which has always been a goal of mine. Change can seem daunting, but I feel as though if I am not growing, then I am doing my students and myself a disservice. It’s time for my fresh start as well this fall! Good thing I stocked up on office supplies!

What am I listening to:

One of my very favorite pieces of all time, Ma Vlast No. 2 (Moldau) by Bedrich Smetana. I remember the first time hearing this piece and instantly being taken with it. (Thank you Dr. Melinda Perttu for introducing me to so much wonderful symphonic literature!) I really came to love the idea of music personifying elements of life so specifically and the interwoven nature of this type of programmatic music. This idea and this piece in particular have really impacted me as a composer. I recently had the pleasure of hearing Ma Vlast in its entirety as performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Amazing. If you have never heard this piece, I suggest you look it up and take a listen. And if you want an even more complete experience, read up on the meaning behind each theme. Enjoy!

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