Up to the Challenge!

IMG_6054Up to the Challenge!

Starting in September, students had the option to sign up for some piano challenges, my favorite being the Major Scale Challenge, Knowing how to play major scales helps piano players to learn key signatures while acting as a little workout for our hand coordination and fingers!

Students participating in the challenge are asked to accomplish 10 different scales, playing with both hands at varying levels of difficulty. Not only do they need to play all the right notes, but use the right fingers as well, and the left and right hand never seem to use the same fingers at the same time! Scales are tricky! But I must say, I am so proud of all those who are taking on this challenge. We have a large poster next to the piano and each student made up a nickname so that they could keep track of their progress. When they learn all 10 scales, they will receive a secret surprise! I am so lucky to work with so many talented and hard working young musicians. Way to go everyone! Keep up the hard work!

Speaking of taking on a challenge, I am happy to share that I have signed a lease on a rental space for Mack Music Studio. Currently, I am painting, cleaning, and organizing our new space, but I look forward to moving in as soon as we can, so I am working hard too! I do not have a move in date just yet, but I will keep everyone posted. Thank you for your support and patience! I hope that this change will allow for more opportunities for these amazing young musicians!

What am I listening to:

Something spooky for the Halloween season, Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens. I have always been intrigued by music that takes the listener on a journey. It’s fun to share songs like this with young listeners because they can be so creative in their interpretation. Also, this piece has one of those catchy tunes that get stuck in your head! (In the best way possible.) It is catchy and yet so unpredictable. When you think it is building to a giant crescendo, a soft lyrical section takes place. When you think you’re safe and the climax of the song has happened, it builds again. The instrumentation is exceptionally clever. I hope to someday have the chance to play this piece on cello with a large group. Even though Halloween is over, this bouncy melody is still in my brain! Give it a listen, if you dare!

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