Online Lessons


Here is a step by step of how to set-up for these lessons in your home:
1) Please schedule a lesson time with me in advance.

Your lessons will be scheduled at the same time each week. Most lesson slots are a half-hour long. Please have everything set up prior to the start of the lesson so we can start right away!

2) Lessons are available over Zoom and FaceTime.

We can use whichever method you are more comfortable with. If we use Zoom, I am able to use several camera angles to show my keyboard, but we can easily use FaceTime as well, especially if the internet connection is on the weaker side.

3) New to Zoom?

That’s okay! So was I until jumping into online learning at the start of the pandemic. It is very user-friendly. Download the app onto your device that you plan to use during lessons and let me know what e-mail you are using. I will create a “meeting” and send a link to your e-mail. All you need to do is click on the link and we will be up and running! I send a new link every week as an extra measure to insure privacy.

4) How to set-up

Please place your device on a tv stand, table, or music stand to the right of the player. The angle should display the student and the keyboard. *See photo
We will make sure that we both have access to the sheet music, activity pages, and exercises that you are using. That way, I can see the sheet music and we can be on the same page (literally!)

5) Lesson time!

When it is time for our lesson, click the link that I will send to the e-mail you provided on the device you have set up for the lesson. The email will show up just as the lesson is about to begin. That link will start our meeting. You will see me, hopefully, and I’ll make sure we have a good connection before we start our lesson!

6) After the lesson

Look out for an e-mail from me with any new music, exercises, activities, or helpful hints immediately following our lesson. If you are able, please print these out to prepare for the next lesson. If you do not have access to a printer, no problem. Just let me know and I will accommodate.

I’ll see ya from the other side of the screen!