Policy Information


• My scheduling private lesson availability for students K-12 is after school Monday through Friday. Adult students and homeschool students may schedule lessons in the morning-afternoon Monday through Friday.
• The year is broken into four semesters. Fall: Sept.-Nov., Winter: Dec.-Feb., Spring: Mar.-May, and Summer June-Aug.
o If you need to switch your time, I ask that you do so at the start of a semester.
o Keep in mind, scheduling preference is given to students who keep the same time slot, so if you need to change your time slot, availability may be limited and your old slot may not be available if you wish to have that time later in the year. Summer is the exception to this due to more availability in the mornings and afternoons.

• Students who take summer lessons will be given the option to keep their time slot from the previous spring for the fall even if they have a different time slot in the summer.
• I cannot ask another student to move their time.

• Monthly payments should be made prior to the first lesson of the month. See calendar for details.
• Cash is accepted, but checks are preferred.

• I ask that you pay for the full month of lessons regardless of whether you will need to miss or not.
• There will be a makeup day at the end of each semester.
o If you missed a lesson, you are welcome to schedule a time on makeup day to make it up! If I have availability during the week (i.e. another student has informed me that they will not be there that day, we could use that time as a makeup as well.) You would have already paid for this lesson so no additional payment is necessary. If you missed more than one lesson, I’m afraid that only one can be made up during each semester.
• If I am unable to teach for any reason, I will try my best to make sure that these lessons are made up!

Students and parents, thank you for respecting the policy of Mack Music Studio. Having these rules in place allows me to stay organized and best serve my students so that I may continue to run this studio!

Thank you!